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     Kosmos Publisher is an international open access publisher. Our interest in serving the scholars from various scientific departments lead us to our main idea in publishing all kinds of manuscripts (Research, Review, Case Reports, Editorials, Brief Reviews, Research Highlights, etc.,) from the fields related to Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Medical Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Sciences, Engineering.

    Our energy for serving mainstream researchers drove us to distribute our diaries through an open access mode (allowed to peruse and allowed to download). We endeavour hard to spread the learning and to widen the extent of our publishers around world. We are constantly open to valuable inputs. We pride ourselves on our responsibility regarding serving the Open Access people group and are constantly working diligently to end up better at what we do. We welcome your worries, questions, even objections if any. We follow ethical policies & standards to ensure high quality scientific works and are freely accessible online. Kosmos Publisher helps research scholars and other healthcare professionals to make new discoveries, improve their research strategies.


Dr. Milton Cesar Biagioni
Dr. Ozcan-Taskin
Dr. Wahba
Dr. Alejandro Martínez Rodríguez
Dr. Shmuel (Sam) Vaknin
Dr. Anca Pantea Stoian
Dr. Daniel Timofte
Dr. Jakub Adamczyk
Dr. Karen Munday
Dr. Keith David Kantor