Guidelines for Editors


     We know the significance of our Editors play crucial role in Open Access Publication right from forming of editorial board to publishing of manuscripts in fostering the worth of a publication and the journals content. These Editors are collectively in charge of guaranteeing that the journal distributes top notch inquire about that falls inside its degree and destinations. Currently, we call for researchers worldwide to contribute their knowledge in improving the worth of journals by serving as Editors/ Reviewers.

We have laid out the primary roles and responsibilities of Editorial Board individuals underneath.

»Editor should be expertise in subject.
»Should good Publication Records.
»Should hold good academic positions in University, Research Institute or related Organization.
»All the editors should follow the rules and regulations laid down by the Editor in chief.
»Plagiarism check should be done before going further.
»Providing guidelines to authors for preparing and submitting manuscripts.
»Providing a clear statement of the Journal’s policies on authorship criteria.
»Treating all authors with fairness, courtesy, objectivity, honesty, and transparency.
»To keep vision that the subject matter of the manuscripts reflects any changes of direction in the field of study to incorporate newly-emerging work; this may necessitate inviting articles or special issues.
»Give suggestion in selection of the editorial board, in co-operation with your publishing contact.
»Being vigilant in avoiding the possibility of editors and/or referees delaying a manuscript for suspect reasons is very important.
»Informing authors about the norms and guidelines is essential and monitoring is ethical along with assisting in rectifying the errors.
»Once the final review is done the final draft should be sent to Editor in chief for one last review.
»Editor in chief is the one who has to approve the publishing of work if all the norms and guidelines are satisfied.
»Editors should comply with the guidelines and protocols provided by the publishing house.

Board of Editors consist of:

»Associate Editors.
»Section Editors.
»Editorial Adviser.
»External Editors.
»Guest Editors.

Editorial Policy

    Article policies are upgraded to secure and fortify the journal’s honesty and quality while going for perusers intrigue. Kosmos gives complete article opportunity to the Editorial Board individuals with the specialist to decide diaries substance and it doesn’t hinder with any kind of evaluation procedure of original copies.

      Kosmos publications are proposed to meet research morals and copyright security to keep up straightforwardness and esteem the protection of taking an interest people, for example, editors, analysts and creators. The central objective of a proofreader ought to be to attempt the substance quality, guarantee handy friend survey process and distribute on an opportune premise.

   Editors ought to guarantee that every one of the articles are distributed concerning the extent of the diary dependent on pertinence, unwavering quality, logical quality, new sources of info, likely intrigue, fulfillment, clearness and morals. Additionally pronounce that choices given upon compositions are not influenced by the creators cause, individual issues, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion or political convictions. Choices must be given stringently dependent on the articles logical authenticity and significance to established researchers.

Editorial Process

      Generally it will take 2 weeks for the editor to complete first leg of review of the manuscript. Editor’s assessment is mainly focused on whether the submitted manuscript is suitable for journal. And also if he feels any addition he will suggest to author. All of his comments will be notified to author and he will be given a week of time for revised copy. Once the revised copy is received from author Editor will redo his assessment and an review will be conducted for final galley proof. As an expansion of the procedure, the surveyed original copies are sent to something like three master analysts in the field. This is proposed to propel the fittingness, lucidity, and wholeness of compositions and help editors to choose whether the original copy must be distributed or not.

Peer Review Process – ‘Double Blinded’

      Editors ought to guarantee a capable companion audit process under reviewers/analysts. All manuscripts from Kosmos Publications work Double/Twofold blinded companion survey with quick and exhaustive process through electronic entries and correspondences. In this procedure the creators names and affiliations will be uncovered to the commentators, while creators are kept blinded from analyst data. Editors ought to be mindful to keep up privacy all through the Editorial procedure.

      Editors ought not ensure any altering to the surveys given by reviewers/analysts. The remarks ought to be sent to the creators all things considered except if the dialect is wrong and unacceptable for expert correspondence. Editors should screen the audits to contain clear proposals and legit remedies that reflect congeniality instead of uncalled for dialect or hostile condemnation.


If plagiarism is detected authors will be contacted and necessary steps will be taken to avoid such act. If possible authors will be asked to change the content which triggers plagiarism or else the manuscript will be subjected to rejection.

Manuscript Transfer

      Over the span of achieving elevated requirements and capable companion review process, Kosmos offers its best administrations to authors sparing their valuable time and endeavors. We likewise plan to diminish the repeat of audit process for an original copy when it doesn’t fall under the extent of the diary. To accelerate the distribution technique and limit delays from editors, Kosmos encourages authors with a shared exchange of the original copy between Kosmos Journals.

      As for the Editorial freedom, when a Editor of a journal chooses that the submitted composition isn’t proper to the extent of this journal, the original copy can be exchanged to a more reasonable diary as prescribed by the proofreader with the writer’s assent. The reviews will be passed on to the taking care of Editor of the new journal and reviewers’ names will be uncovered to the taking care of proofreader for Editorial reason except if analysts don’t wish to impart their answer to different Kosmos Journals.