Open Access

Open Access

      Open Access is a foremost breakthrough in publishing process which intends to endow with an unconstrained access to peer-reviewed research articles irrespective of their financial, legal, or technical barriers with no embargo period. Every peer reviewed article emerging in any journal published by Kosmos Publisher is ‘Open Access’ where articles are liberally accessible on the public internet, permitting the readers to read, reproduce and disseminate the data.

     Open Access significantly ameliorates the access to high quality information for scientists and it also endows sustaining exposure for their articles and diffuses their research worldwide. Kosmos publisher is devoted to maintaining Open Access publishing policies very meticulously.

      In Open Access authors hold copyrights over their work. They will ensure indefinite access by signing a license to VIP, authorizing their article to be openly accessed. All articles are published under the Creative Commons License 4.0 Open Access is free for the readers where the publication costs will usually be provided by the author. The publication costs to provide Open Access is lower than the current charges paid for restricted access. However, it does not rule out print access to the similar works, that is it costs for the re-prints of the same works.

Published Articles

  • Are completely peer reviewed and high quality
  • Are available in PDF and full text formats that are freely accessible
  • Permitted re-use and re-distribute according to creative common license